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Andrew Blomfield

Andrew has been the principal of Blomfield Real Estate since 1998 and has been with the firm from 1992 - 23 years. Andrew has a strong education with degrees in Commerce (major accounting) and Law at the University of NSW and practised law for 7 years at 2 large Sydney law firms - Gadens and Kingwood Freehill Hollingdale & Page in the property and finance departments. He also had 3 years in corporate finance at accounting giant Ernst & Young.

His work entailed

This legal training has resulted in a strong knowledge of:

Andrew ultimately has the final sign off on and the selection of all tenants and all lease terms agreed upon. Investors can feel comfortable that a long term overview is considered on all tax and finance matters affecting property management.Andrew also often assists in the co-ordination and management of minor renovation upgrades - such as kitchens and bathrooms to enhance rental returns for investors. This is a personal 'hobby' and enhances the leasing and rent achieved.